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              เค ดิ ต ฟรี jdb

              Branding. Business Development. Creative Direction LEARN MORE

              One of Swedens most
              celebrated keynote speaker.

              Trusted by global brands. KEYNOTE TOPICS

              This is Johan Ronnestam Creative Studio

              By combining +20 years experience from working with technology, business development, design and branding,? Johan Ronnestam Creative Studio leads companies, organisations and individuals into the future of communication. We successfully deliver strategy, branding, design and advices that leads to success.

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              ROST Studio design shop

              ROST Studio is a design shop dedicated to creating branding, spaces, graphic design, digital interfaces and design strategies that rock the mind and soul of human beings. We call this premium brand experiences.

              check it out
              Entrepreneurship, Just another day, Simplicity, The trend is my friend

              – Well, you know what to do: You read everything you can, take lessons, get new clubs, watch YouTube tutorials, buy th...

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              branding, Cases, Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Images, Just another day, Link of the day, Photography, Print

              The 2019 Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair opened in February this year in Stockholm, Sweden. It’s one of the most ...

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              Beautiful, branding, Entrepreneurship, Just another day, Svenska, The trend is my friend

              BEU Watches is finally live. When I first dreamt of BEU two and a half years ago it wasn’t yet a watch, but a manifest...

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              In Branding / Creative Direction / Film Direction / New

              BAUX Forest Wall

              In Architecture / Branding / Creative Direction / Design / Interior Design / New / Space

              Kinnarps Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2017

              In Architecture / Creative Direction / Interior Design / New / Photography / Space

              Kinnarps Furnitures. Visual Inspiration

              In Architecture / Branding / Interior Design / New / Space

              BAUX Roman Temple 2018

              Your next keynote speaker?

              Mr Ronnestams talks challenges, inspires and energises you. With an exiting background as Snowboard professional, adventurer, serial entrepreneur and creative director with the world as his playing field, Mr Ronnestam will guide you into the future business and branding landscape, how to master creativity or how to take control of your life. Johan Ronnestam will leave your audience motivated, entertained, enlightened and ultimately wowed.

              learn more
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